Personal equipment and work clothing

  • Supply complete uniform equipment, given to the individual at the time of his incorporation
  • Supply personalized and individualized
  • Logistic

Campaign logistics

  • Manufacture and supply of logistics equipment
  • Multipurpose modular tents
  • Storage facilities, waste treatment and generators


  • Comprehensive catering service to collectivities
  • Manufacture and supply of dairy products and preserves


  • Health and personal hygiene
  • Hospital, field and emergency equipment

Distributive logistics

  • Logistics operator services
  • Service integration
  • Air, land and sea transport
  • Traceability

Information technology and systems

  • Computer and telecommunications equipment
  • Services associated to infrastructures
  • Consulting and services

Infrastructures, equipment and facilities

  • Engineering and consulting
  • Sustainable infrastructures and renewable energies
  • Industrial equipment and maintenance
  • Solutions for naval industry

Management, Comprehensive Maintenance and Energetic Services

  • Comprehensive management and auxiliary services
  • Environment and waste treatment
  • Social area: accessibility and human capital

Special Services

<p>Training and employment</p>

<p>Financial Services</p>



<p>Comprehensive management services</p>

Manufacturing Systems and Engineering Solutions for Defense