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The history of Empty began in 1991 with the aim of setting up a company that would do things differently in the world of construction and architecture. Since then it has always acted with a clear vocation to seek excellence in all areas. Empty is today a benchmark company in its sector, having collaborated with numerous designers and architects on many different projects, some of which have been recognised with various national and international awards such as the FAD for ephemeral interventions or the Aga Khan for Architecture.

Empty’s main activity was as a general contractor. Today they continue to do so, although the company’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has led us to develop various contracting methods, seeking an ad hoc solution for each case.

Turnkey” projects or “open book systems” are common in Empty, through which some or all of the services we can provide are integrated, for which we have been acquiring knowledge and experience according to the demands of our clients and the challenges posed by the projects themselves.


Infrastructure, equipment and facilities


Architecture, Interior Design, Exhibitions, Museums, Construction, Renovation, Restoration, Rehabilitation