Norte Robotics
Dña. Carla Lopéz-Bravo Oriol
Avenida de la Astronomía 43 28830 San Fernando de Henares


NORTE is a robotics company specialising in the automation of industrial processes. It has developed systems in the aeronautical, logistics, wind power, automotive and railway sectors, among others.

NORTE offers multi-purpose robotic systems prepared to carry out different processes on the same platform, such as inspection, mass application, machining, surface treatment, sanding…

Implementing high precision LINEAR TRACK systems, AGVs and servo-controlled positioners, NORTE offers robotised solutions for large dimensions that could not be automated before.

NORTE also offers automatic storage systems with real time traceability of each product and magnetic movement for product movements and internal logistics.


Systems and engineering solutions


Robotic engineering focused on customized automation projects and advanced robotic application development.