Tecnove S.L.
D. Eusebio Ramírez González-Ortega
Avda. de Alcázar, 8 13640 Herencia - Ciudad Real


Leading manufacturer of bodywork and special vehicles: military vehicles, emergencies, telecommunications, mobile television units, advanced command posts, ambulances, mobile clinics, mobile air traffic control towers, ambulift and catering for airports, police, armoured vehicles, NRBQ, exhibition vehicles, motorhomes, hospitality, foodtrucks, bookmobiles, trailers, rescue cranes, refrigerated trucks, insulated vans…

Refrigerated containers, isothermal containers, foodstuffs, ammunition, showers, laundry, operating theatres, laboratories…

Shelters, telecommunications, radar, surveillance…

Field logistics: design and construction of field hospitals.

Construction and management of camps and living bases anywhere in the world, even in remote places affected by disasters or conflicts.

Collective catering services, canteens, catering, maintenance, facility management…


Campaign logistics


Campaign solutions