Ucalsa S.A.
Dña. Itziar Cortizo Ruiz
C/ Oquendo, 23, 4º planta 28006 Madrid


Ucalsa is a leading integrated management company operating nationally and internationally, with more than 24 years of experience serving the most demanding clients in the most delicate environments.

Our management and experience has made us one of the leading companies in the field of services to communities at a national level and in the development of infrastructures for these services worldwide.

Ucalsa is focused on the construction and management of temporary facilities and living bases; food and non-food supplies, humanitarian aid, field rations, emergency; catering services to communities, home catering, social services, and centres for the elderly, immigrants and children.

Ucalsa has been expanding steadily and consolidating each step, linking experiences to become a Spanish company with a presence in the fastest growing international markets.

In order to develop a project anywhere in the world, our specialists evaluate geographical, political, security and logistical factors. To do this, we always start by acquiring a thorough knowledge of the client’s activity and its mission in the location.


Campaign logistics, Feeding, Management, Mantenimiento integral y servicios energéticos


Temporary infrastructures, collectivities, supplies and logistics